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Welcome Members of the Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition

The Chihuahuan Desert Education Coalition (CDEC) was founded in 2004 at a meeting of environmental leaders at the El Paso Zoo and Botanical Gardens. At a Board of Director’s retreat in 2022 we reaffirmed our commitment and our mission to inspire all people to take actions towards a sustainable future of the Chihuahuan Desert. Our vision it to create a future where all people understand, value, and protect the Chihuahuan Desert. Anyone with an interest in wanting to join our efforts is invited to become a member.

Members of CDEC will be invited to participate in special presentations and tours both virtually and at various locations in the Chihuahuan Desert Ecoregion.

Membership at this time is free. Be sure to complete Steps 1 and 2.

Step 1 – To join us take a moment now to simply subscribe to our Membership Blog to receive news and updates especially created for our members.

Step 2 – Tell us more about you and your interests.